Michelle Nazzari - Melbourne EV Show 22-24 Sept 2023

Michelle Nazzari

Perth-born Michelle Nazzari is a multi award-winning Automotive Product Designer. Following completion of a Bachelor of International Studies at University of Sydney she began her career in the automotive industry.
Execution, persistence and a love of the fight are her key strengths, along with a hands-on approach and expertise in Product Development, Automotive, Production, Sales, Marketing, Automotive Engineering and Management. Michelle loves what she does and is the driving force behind the brand.
Michelle’s electric transport experience stretches back to 2007. Michelle began her automotive career at her father’s company, BCI, firstly in Business Development and later Product Development at BCI production facilities in Australia and Asia. Her interest was piqued in the potential of electric mobility when she was involved in the development and launch of Australia’s first fully-electric commercial coaches (2009).
FONZ began as a side-hustle to the full-time role at BCI when she identified the simplicity of the electric powertrains and opportunity in the micro-mobility space. She utilized BCI engineering expertise to design Australia’s first FONZ two-wheelers.
Michelle Nazzari sees her roles as a Climate Council ambassador and as a Better Futures Climate Champion as important responsibilities and opportunities to educate the public on simple ways Australian communities can reduce their carbon footprint.
A recent example of this is FONZ CEO, Michelle Nazzari, lobbying the NSW government who introduced a stamp duty exemption for electric motorbikes in September 2021.
Michelle speaks elementary Mandarin Chinese, Italian and Arabic.
Michelle Nazzari is an inspirational woman with big global ambitions.

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