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Comprehensive car insurance that covers electric vehicles

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You might have seen more and more electric vehicles popping up on Australian roads. And, you might even be considering going out and snagging one for yourself. If that’s the case, you might be on the lookout for some new insurance for your new electric vehicle. 

Plus, there’s no additional excess based on age. We’ve got one product – our comprehensive car insurance – and would love to cover your electric vehicle. 


ROLLiN’ has one product that offers coverage for petrol and electric vehicles. 

But sometimes you can be charged higher fees to insure your EV. This is because of a few reasons

The tech and spare parts for electric cars, like batteries and motor parts are costly to produce, source and replace. 

There are cases where repair may require parts to be imported. 

Assessing, diagnosing and repairing damaged electric vehicle batteries requires extensive time and labour. It also requires specialty equipment and disposal (recycling). 

There are only a handful of electric vehicle service centres around Australia that can repair electric vehicles and as such, vehicles may need to be taken to a distant location for repair. 

At ROLLiN’, we’ve done our research and our team have put together solutions that already take these into account. 


Let’s break down the factors that influence the cost of insuring an electric car. 

In general, it may cost more to insure a petrol car than a diesel car because different parts need to be insured – like their batteries. The same goes for electric vehicles – on average replacing an ev battery is likely much more expensive than replacing a ICE battery. 

But with ROLLiN’, what you see is what you get. One product, one dream. 



ROLLiN’s payment and policy structure put your lifestyle and flexibility front and centre. We understand that life can be unexpected and full of changes, so we don’t expect you to stick around if you need to bounce, for whatever reason. If you need to move to Venice for a year to fulfil your life ambition of being a master of the gondola, go for it. We won’t charge an exit fee if you need to dip out for a bit. 


We don’t get caught up on age. If you’re old enough to afford a car, you shouldn’t have to fork out more because you’re young. 

That’s why we don’t charge extra excesses because you’re under 25. Instead, we charge a flat $800 excess for any driver listed under the insurance cover. *Other excesses apply. 

No frills, no-nonsense and no TL;DR. We’re straight to the point, no funny business and that’s why we’ve tried to simplify our PDS as much as possible. 


We’re a digital brand which means we keep our costs low, which helps us keep our prices low, but that doesn’t mean we’ve neglected the important stuff. 

While we may be digital, our customer heroes are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about your claim. 


Unlike some other car insurance providers, you’ll find that our single comprehensive cover option already covers you for electric car batteries, charging cables, wall boxes, and adapters (even if you’re leasing the equipment). Rain, Hail or Shine… 

We cover loss or damage for the following: 

  • Accidental collision 
  • Fire or explosion 
  • Theft or attempted theft 
  • Vandalism 
  • Storm, flood or water 
  • Lightning or hail

Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. 

Better yet, we roll with IAG, Australia’s largest insurer with over 160 years of experience. This means we get access to one of the largest repair networks in the country. 

Too good to be true? Don’t believe us? Take a look at our PDS for yourself. We’ve tried to keep things interesting, we promise. 


Step #1: Head on over to grab a quote. 

Apply for your cover by entering your vehicle registration details or the make, model and year of your car. Follow it up with a couple of yes/no questions about your EV and we’ll tell you straight away in your quote how much your vehicle can be covered for. 

Step #2: Tell us about yourself… 

Do you leave the vegemite in the pantry or the fridge? How many dogs do you want? Which city is better – Sydney or Melbourne? And why is it Sydney? 

Seriously though, we just need to ask a few simple questions about you and the other drivers who’ll be listed under the cover. 

Step #3: We’ll let you know your monthly fee 

If you’re eligible for our coverage, we’ll come up with a straightforward monthly fee and provide you with a breakdown of the expenses in your quote. Then, if you’re happy with your quote, just make the payment and you can roll out feeling confident with ROLLiN’


Do I need specialised insurance for electric cars? 

Usually electric cars can be covered under the same insurance policy as normal petrol or diesel cars, so there isn’t any specific insurance product for EVs. 

What about the wall box or cables? Do I need separate insurance for this? 

Not with ROLLiN’. We cover you for the vehicle battery, charging cables, wall boxes and adaptors for any covered incident. Even if you’re leasing it! 

This is general advice only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs (“your personal circumstances”). Before using this advice to decide whether to purchase a product, you should consider your personal circumstances and the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determinations available from rollininsurance.com.au. Insurance issued by Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681 trading as Rollin’ Insurance. 

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The Future of Novated Leasing is Electric

With the Australian Government’s new National Electric Vehicle Strategy, a new era for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Novated Leasing has begun in Australia. The legislation aims to promote EV adoption and encourage car manufacturers to import more affordable electric models to path the way for an electric future. 

Switching from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles offers numerous advantages for Australia. These include lower carbon emissions, better air quality, enhanced energy security, economic prospects, and long-term savings. Electric vehicle adoption in Australia has been slower compared to the global trend. Factors contributing to this include limited infrastructure, availability, and higher initial costs. In contrast, Norway has emerged as a global leader in EV adoption, with over half of their new vehicle sales being electric in 2020. This discrepancy can be attributed to Norway’s robust government incentives, extensive charging infrastructure, and supportive environmental policies.  

In 2022 EVs accounted for 3.8% of new vehicles sold in Australia. The Australian Government’s answer to re-charging the EV appetite is the National Electric Vehicle Strategy. As part of this strategy, the Electric Car Discount exempts EVs priced below the luxury car threshold of $84,916 from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).  

FBT is a tax applied to a non-cash benefit supplied from an employer to an employee. When you salary package a vehicle via a Novated Lease it is deemed a fringe benefit under taxation law, making you liable for FBT. With the Electric Car Discount now in place, the cost of purchasing and running electric vehicles has become more economical than ever. With these new government incentives the CSIRO projects that Australia’s car fleet could be fully electric by 2050, which would mean meeting the government’s net zero emissions target by 2050. Since our establishment in 2007, Simplygreen has been dedicated to offering eco-friendly salary packaging and novated leasing solutions. We are committed to supporting our clients on their EV journey.  

While all of these economic and environmental benefits sound great, what are the actual cost savings? The FBT exemption makes EVs the most budget friendly choice across all price points. Previously, a Tesla Model 3 would set you back around $1,350 per month (inclusive of all running costs like registration and insurance). With the introduction of the Electric Car Discount, an EV leased through Simplygreen (inclusive of finance payments and running costs) is reduced to $750 per month. For a bit of perspective, that is around the same cost as a $29,000 petrol vehicle, inclusive of running costs. It’s the ultimate way to purchase a car. 

Three reasons to consider an electric vehicle for your next car

Save thousands on income tax 

Zero or low emission vehicles that fall below the luxury car threshold are now exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). Estimates indicate that there could be income tax savings of between $4000 – $10,000 each year for individuals that purchase an EV under a novated lease. Novated leasing also allows individuals to pay for 100% of the vehicle operating costs (eg. registration and insurance) using pre-tax dollars, increasing the tax savings even further. 

Save the planet 

Electric vehicles emit fewer greenhouse gasses (CO2) and other pollutants. A reduction in these emissions benefits the planet as well as creating improved health outcomes. The uptake of Electric Vehicles propels Australia to meeting its net zero emissions target by 2050, balancing the greenhouse emissions produced and taken out of the atmosphere. 

Save on running costs with a smoother drive 

The cost to power an EV is significantly less that current petrol and diesel vehicles. Battery regeneration recovers energy when driving downhill, combined with a efficient drive train EVs can be significantly more economical to drive. EVs also don’t require engines, gearboxes, spark plugs, motor oil and exhaust systems, meaning they’re more reliable to drive, with a smoother, quieter experience. 

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