A journey to the future

A journey to the future

*Overseas model shown

Electric vehicles might be gaining rapid popularity today, but did you know that PEUGEOT produced its first electric vehicle in 1941? The PEUGEOT VLV, which meant Véhicule Léger de Ville or Light City Vehicle, was developed during a period where petrol rationing meant that alternative energy sources needed to be found. With a 12 volt battery and a driving range of 80km, PEUGEOT technology and style has changed a bit since then. 

Today, PEUGEOT is accelerating its electrification journey both globally and in Australia. With a range of dynamic plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and electric PEUGEOT vehicles recently arriving down under, and a rapid introduction of several more from 2024, it is an exciting time for the brand and Australian consumers.

In March 2022, PEUGEOT Australia launched the brand’s first plug-in hybrid electric variants of the popular 3008 SUV and stylish 508 Fastback. Since this milestone, the range of Peugeot PHEVs available locally has expanded to include the free-spirited 308 GT Sport Hatch PHEV and the versatile 508 Sportswagon PHEV. 

As the journey continued, PEUGEOT proudly launched its first fully-electric vehicles in the Australian market this year. The first eagerly awaited 100% electric vehicle was the e-Partner light-commercial van, followed by the compact, yet premium e-2008 SUV.

Committed to offering Australians a comprehensive range of PEUGEOT’s next generation vehicles, 2024 will see the 100% electric, 100% irresistible E-208 and versatile E-Expert Van arriving in Australia, alongside another bold hybrid option, the 408 PHEV. This local influx of additional electrified vehicles reflects the brand’s direction globally, as PEUGEOT responds to the needs of a changing world. In fact globally, the brand is on track to have every model in the PEUGEOT line-up electrified by the end of 2023 and globally launch five new electric vehicles throughout this year and next.  

Always looking ahead, PEUGEOT continues to invest in the future with unique vehicles such as the electric INCEPTION CONCEPT vehicle, which explores new technology and dedicated platforms embodying PEUGEOT’s vision for future electric vehicles. 

Behind the dynamic new drivetrains, PEUGEOT continues to build on the brand’s reputation for sleek, contemporary and alluring design. It’s fitting that PEUGEOT’s next-generation vehicles were the first to proudly wear the brand’s bold new Lion emblem, with many also displaying the signature three claw LED rear light display which reflect the brand’s iconic DNA. 

Explore a range of PEUGEOT Australia’s plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles on display at the Melbourne Electric Vehicle Show 22-24 September. 

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