Electric Cars | Melbourne EV Show Sept 2023

Power that electrifies

The new era of

Electric vehicles is here

carsales MELBOURNE EV SHOW 2023 is a must see event for EV enthusiasts and curious alike. With a comprehensive showcase of full electric and plug in hybrid vehicles to suit every lifestyle, budget, and taste, this is your chance to get up close and personal and discover the latest in electric vehicle innovation, design, and performance, all under the one roof.

From sporty SUVs, compact hatchbacks to sleek sedans and the ultimate in luxury, you may find yourself inspired by the possibilities and reimagining your driving future sooner than you think.

With new models arriving
locally every month,

Discover the top brands
leading the charge towards
a greener future.

What's on

EV (Electric Vehicles) EV Finance Options EV Charging EV Rental & Subscription E-Bikes & E-Scooters EV Live Stage